After Sales Services

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Maskan Arabia After Sales Services is the parcel of our strategies, and we know that our role doesn’t end at the time we sell the property; we also know that our clients will need our maintenance and quality check services in later stages. After-sales services are divided into 2 sections with many different levels :

Depot level maintenance (Preventive Maintenance)

High-level maintenance performed on type of maintenance offered after warranty or during which require a schedule or major overhaul contract (Change parts and fluids on a schedule) maintenance contract include HVAC, Mechanical, Electrical, and Landscape, and it doesn’t include Swimming pool.

Organizational level maintenance

Pertaining to activities related to an organization Warranty, 2-year warranty on electrical & mechanical works, and 10 years on structural.

Our Customers will get the first level of maintenance automatically when purchasing the property. But according to the second level, these clients will have to apply in order to purchase specific services in later stages as he wishes, by contacting our team via (i.e.: email, call center, etc.).