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Abdulaziz Al Saghyir holding Company

Abdulaziz Al Saghyir holding company has sizeable investments and interests in a number of firms spanning sectors in both the region and globally. Abdulaziz Al Saghyir Holding Co. has played a constructive and crucial role in the development of the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia with a well strategized investment plan while working in commercial and Industrial fields, the real estate, technology, construction; banking & financial services and etc are some of the major investment sectors.

TAAL Development Company

TAAL Development Company is a subsidiary of TAAL International. It is a Holding company that been established in 2002 in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia, led by a team of Saudi entrepreneurs with enormous individual track records and 30 years of combined experience. TAAL aims to positively benefit from the extraordinary expansion and development of the Saudi economy through positioning high-end business opportunities.TAAL's expansion strategy is not limited to business diversification but also will aim to cover more than one geographical region growing outwards to the Arabian Gulf and then to the Pan Arabic Region, Asia, Africa and South America.