About Maskan

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Who Are We

Founded in 2008, Maskan Arabia has been reflecting successes depending on the firm’s will, determination and initiative. The key reason for success is due to providing alternative capabilities that secured a strategic partnership between Abdulaziz Al-Saghyir Group and Taal Inter Holding Company. Its accomplishments are obvious because of the innovation of the highest standards of living and the implementation of many projects of villas with elegant designs that allowed it to occupy a leading position in the field of Construction and Real-estate Development.

Our Vision

We at Maskan Arabia continuously aim to aspire to be the most credible and reliable home developers. In the next few years, we will become the industry benchmark in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia, enabling us to expand further into the rest of the Arab world.


Our Mission

Our mission is to develop comfortable, safe, elegant and durable homes that enhance the quality of life for our clients, contributing positively to the industry with innovation and trust, while creating a rewarding work environment for our employees and delivering value to our shareholders.

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Our Achievements

Success does not happen overnight, but in gradual and determined steps. At Maskan Arabia, we work in every part of the real estate development process, undertaking everything from land selection to design through to construction and property management. The diversity and level of services and commitment we provide has enabled us to achieve several winning projects.

Our Values

We pride ourselves on complying with a set of core values, which has enabled us to develop and manage outstanding properties and to build strong, long-lasting relationships with our clients and partners.


A framework of trust allows for the smooth conduct of all business operations.


Professional and timely delivery of projects with precise specifications.


All business activities, from design to building materials, are undertaken with the highest standards of value and customer care.


We promise and deliver services customized specifically to match our clients’ expectations and specifications.


As we cater to your imagination, we are bound to always create new and innovative ideas.

Sophistication is the key principle

One of our main goals is to develop homes that are close to our clients’ hearts, contributing positively to the industry with innovation and trust, while choosing the best locations for building our projects, in order to gain the highest levels of trust among customers in Saudi Arabia.


Preservation of the environment is a goal that we seek to apply in a Maskan Arabia. We realize that our planet is a treasure, so the environment must be taken into consideration before we start building our homes. We hope, in the near future, to adopt best principles of green building in our projects. We are working hard to implement effective methods for building that combines both the modern design and a solid construction. Taking into account the safety of the environment and energy conservation through the use of advanced solutions of basic construction.
In our future projects, we aspire to fully adopt a green building model, in order to preserve water, use of natural energy, insulation of climate change, waste management, address disturbance problems, quality air inside buildings, maintain a balance between built and non-built areas, and etc.